We had been in Cache Valley for eight years and were looking for a builder who had the principles that were in line with our own: quality, honesty, value, experience, ethics, communication, and many more. When looking to build a new home, we like many people, looked for a referral. Michael R. Cooper Construction was the best decision we ever made. The saying that you get what you pay for still holds true. The quality of our home far exceeds that of other new homes that we visit. During the building process we wanted a stress-free experience. Mike ensured that each step of the building process was clearly planned out with us in mind. He has a great relationship with sub-contractors with equally high standards, and he guaranteed that each step of our home was completed with perfect quality! Communication was easy, timely, and efficient. He took the time to answer questions, from billing to material to labor, in minute detail for every step of the process. Mike is as honest of a person as they come. His guidance and experience were crucial. He provided us with such a good experience that we would never look elsewhere for building a home!

Weylin and Megan Richards
Built with us in 2010